Is Your Mind ‘Set’ For Success?

A simple shift in thinking can have a profound impact on your results. In fact, it can be so simple, it’s often overlooked as one of the key ingredients to creating success in any area of your life. Generally, people search externally for more information, knowledge and expertise, when they already have everything within them to create the success they desire.

Many entrepreneurs seek a magic tool or tactic that will propel them into wealth and success. They look for something outside of them that will deliver quick results, such as a great new social media tool or magical marketing system or more sophisticated stock trading tool.

There are entrepreneurs who create success and wealth, and seem to do it effortlessly. What is the difference?

You have to believe in yourself and make the decision of who you want to be before you actually become it. In other words, you have to “act as if.” I know when I have done this in business and on the track with my sprinting, I have become that person and achieved the result, every time.

“Act as if” you have already achieved what you are wanting. “Act as if” you are already the person you aspire to become. By doing this, you will take the necessary actions to bring what you want into your reality. When I achieved over $50k USD profit in a single month for the first time in my online business, this concept is exactly what I used to get the result. When I recently ran under 60 sec in the 400m for the first time and set a new record, I utilised this same concept. One thing I said to myself as I was warming up for the race was, “This is done.” I saw myself as a successful entrepreneur before I created the success. I also saw myself as a master of the 400m before I hit my goal. In both situations, I had absolute belief and certainty in achieving my goal and in my mind it was already done. I was acting as if I was a successful entrepreneur and a master of the 400m.

Near the end of the 400m.

As you move along your path to success, you will invariably experience struggles and resistance. This internal conflict is a result of your beliefs and thoughts not being in alignment with your goals. Each time you become aware of any resistance or struggle, get a notepad and pen out and write down what you are thinking. Make your notepad your new friend and journal your thoughts so you become aware of what you think and believe. You may be surprised with what comes up in your thinking. Awareness is the first step to change. Once you become aware, you can change your thoughts and beliefs to be in alignment with your goals and dreams. You will want to reinforce your new thoughts on a daily basis. Each time you catch yourself reverting to old thoughts, replace them with your new thoughts. I often say, “Thanks for sharing” and then replace the thought with my new thought. Within a few weeks this will become easier. In the personal development field, many advocate that it takes 21 days to form a new habit but science shows that it actually takes 60 days to form new habit. Perseverance is key.

With a firmly planted vision of your future self in your mind and acting as if you are already this person, you will take the steps to bring this vision into reality and attract what you desire into your life. Your business will soar as an abundance of money flows into your bank account as a happier, more content and more powerful you attracts what you desire into your life. You’ll exude this magnetic quality and attract wonderful opportunities.

Many entrepreneurs are interested in success, wealth and impact but most never fully commit to it and therefore don’t generate results. Commit yourself, believe in yourself, act as if and follow through with action in alignment with you goals and watch the magic unfold. Remember: Be, Do, Have.

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